1: Preparing for Sale

Most Realtors will tell you there are simple and inexpensive things you can do to your house to increase the price and attract the right buyer. While this is true, what they don’t tell you, is most Sellers typically only get an 85 cents return for every dollar they put into upgrades when done immediately prior to sale. Don’t lose money on your sale because you think you must make a repair! Contact Chris and his team for a Complementary Consultation today. We will evaluate your home, give you a complementary unbiased Broker’s Price Opinion, Comparative Market Analysis, and tips on what repairs or upgrades you should and should not do prior to taking your home to market in order to maximize your success and pad your bank account. We also have a list of prescreened and qualified service providers to make any repair you can imagine, so you know the job will be done right and for a fair price. Click here to get your free Broker’s Price Opinion and Comparative Market Analysis.

2: Marketing

The dirty truth is Realtors all have the same bag of marketing tricks. Success relies on how many of these marketing tools your Realtor actually understands, uses, and how they are implemented. The Hightower Company creates a Customized Marketing Plan for every listing outlining how we will market your home, where we will market your home, and what tools we will use to ensure our accountability and your success. In addition to tried and true marketing techniques, our marketing campaigns utilize the most recent technologies in order to generate maximum exposure to tech-savvy buyers.

3: Creating Buzz

Finding the right buyer and obtaining the highest price is an art form. This starts with creating buzz around your listing prior to hitting the market. We utilize numerous online platforms and radio to premarket your home and create buzz. We then follow up with social media marketing on Facebook and Twitter. When we are ready to go live, your home will be featured on dozens of the nation’s top real estate websites.

4: Reaching Buyers

We will design and build a website specifically dedicated to marketing your home and then drive traffic directly to that site. We utilize RF ID codes allowing any drive-by shopper to instantly download marketing information we provide about your home on their phone or tablet, ensuring we never run out of flyers. If needed we will have your home professionally photographed and staged. In addition to featuring your home on our company website, we will produce a YouTube video and Virtual Tour to entice online shoppers to come and see your home in person. Additionally, we utilize traditional direct marketing postcards through snail mail and email blasts to our extensive database of potential Buyers. We will also utilize mobile marketing, open houses, and of course, the local MLS to ensure we reach every Buyer in the market.

5: Accountability

We work hard for you, we want you to know it and we want you to tell the world about us. If we do our job well you will only see about 10% of what we actually do behind the scenes to market, negotiate and reduce your stress. Not only will you have a hard copy of our customized marketing plan, but we will send you weekly updates disclosing how many web page views and showings your listing received that week so you can see just how much traffic we are generating for you through our marketing strategy.

To keep you up to date, we will copy you on all feedback we receive from buyer’s agents who show the house and keep an active list of potential prospects who we will phone directly to keep them informed on any price reductions or upgrades completed after they preview the home. We meticulously follow up with every agent who comes through your home with a potential buyer. Showing agents can provide valuable real-time feedback regarding how your house is being received by the market allowing us to adapt and respond quickly and efficiently to maximize results. Click here to get started with your free consultation.