Central Austin Homes For Sale

Central Austin is made up by many of the original neighborhoods of Austin and it is always in high demand.  In addition to its variety of restaurant and entertainment offerings Central Austin is know for its charming craftsman and bungalow neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and home to the University of Texas. Central Austin is home to many of Austin’s most popular neighborhoods including Hyde Park, Pemberton Heights, Brykerwoods, Clarksville, Tarry Town, Rosedale, and Hancock.  Most homes have been fully restored and average prices range from $500,000-$2,500,000.  Central Austin along with South Austin is where you find the image of Austin always depicted in the news, online or in lifestyle magazines promoting Austin as one of the best places to live in the country.  Brimming with famous eateries Uchiko, Wink, Olive & June, Fonda San Miguel and Forigen & Domestic makes Central Austin ideal for foodies.  Want something a little more mainstream, try Hyde Park Bar & Grill, Julio’s Cafe, Kerby Lane Cafe, Trudy’s, Mauddie’s Tex Mex or the locals breakfast favorite, The Omelettry.  Don’t miss Sunday brunch at Chee Zee, it’s voted one of of Austin’s best brunch spots year in and year out.   Retail shopping is abundant and most of Central Austin is within a 10-15 minute drive downtown.  Central Austin is ideally located inside the loop, making for faster than average commutes allover Austin.  Top notch grocery shopping at your choice of Central Market, HEB, Fresh Plus or Randal’s.  Homes turnover with less frequency in this area, so when you see one you like, don’t be shy, go get it!

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