Chris Hightower is not only a Broker, he is also an active investor in the Austin market. Chris works directly with all of our in-state and out-of-state investor clients. As an MBA
and former Investment Broker, Chris has a high level approach to identifying and evaluating investment property for his clients. Chris has the education and the background as a former investment broker, to take the time, to do what no other Realtor is willing or able to do when it comes to financial analysis.

To facilitate greatest probability of maximum return, Chris builds customized financial models from scratch for all of his investment client’s transactions. These unique models identify which neighborhoods and which property profiles within those neighborhood are generating the greatest rate of return for investment buyers, while also taking into account variables unique to each of our investors and their goals. In a fast moving market it is crucial to have the right investment acquisition strategy as neighborhood demand, values and rates can fluctuate rapidly.
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We can help you achieve your goals, long-term or short, whether desire to plan for your children’s future, build your retirement portfolio or are simply looking for a better return on your money. Historically, one of the safest and most profitable ways to build your wealth is through investment real estate. If you start with the right strategy from the beginning it can really boost your profit and if you plan well you can avoid capital gains tax upon sale. Thanks to our analytical approach and financial modeling, it is not unusual for our investment clients to receive total returns in excess of 30% while still putting the minimum down payment on a property.
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