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Chris is a +17 year real estate professional and third generation Austinite. He began his career in real estate while attending the University of Texas. He would go on to earn his MBA from Baylor University and co-founded The Hightower Company in 1999. Since earning his license, Chris has closed over 40 million dollars in residential and commercial real estate in Austin and the surrounding areas.

As a third generation Austin real estate professional, no one knows the Austin real estate market better. Chris is dedicated to providing his clients the best service, knowledge and results by leveraging his experience with the latest technologies and media outreach programs available. Chris prides himself on his integrity, honesty and accountability with clients.

In addition to decades of experience as a Realtor, Chris has earned his Texas Broker’s License, demonstrating he has a superior level of knowledge, expertise and real estate education, which afford him the ability to provide his clients top-level success.

As a licensed real estate broker, Chris has over 900 hours of formal real estate education, whereas a “normal real estate agent” is only required to attend 180 hours. Chris works with traditional buyers and sellers as well as investors. He has personally flipped over a dozen homes and understands the unique challenges of flipping in a top-heavy market like Austin.

Chris Hightower is not only a Broker, he is also an active investor in the Austin market. As an MBA Chris utilizes a high level approach to identifying and evaluating investment property for his clients. Chris has the education and the background to take the time, to do what no other Realtor is willing or able to do when it comes to financial analysis.

To facilitate greatest probability of maximum return, Chris builds customized financial models from scratch for all of his investment client’s transactions. These unique models identify which neighborhoods and which property profiles within those neighborhood are generating the greatest rate of return for investment buyers, while also taking into account variables unique to each of our investors and their goals. In a fast moving market it is crucial to have the right investment acquisition strategy as neighborhood demand, values and rates can fluctuate rapidly.
In addition to Texas, Chris has also worked internationally in Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, France, Mexico and Indonesia. He also has proprietary experience in the restaurant and bar industry in Austin and Houston.

His Texas roots run deep as a direct descendent of Sam Houston, 1st and 3rd President of the Republic of Texas who would later serve as Governor following annexation by the United States. In his off time Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He can often be found enjoying live music, eating Bar-B-Que or near a Central Texas swimming hole.


BDOE KLBJ FM – Austin, Texas

IMG_2287IMG_2194Thank you, Chris Hightower! I had heard horror stories of families trying to find a new home, and all their agent cared about was the bottom line of the commission. Chris Hightower put the needs and concerns of my family FIRST, and helped us find a dream home where we could build a happy future together. My wife and I had an extensive list of "Must Haves" when it came to a new house and Chris went above and beyond not only finding them, but exceeding them for my family. I highly recommend and tell anyone who'll listen that Chris is the best at what he does, and will work tirelessly to help find exactly what you're looking for in a new home. When we decide to sell or in the future, look for a new home, Chris will be the ONLY person we call!  

Benjamin Bell – Portland, Oregon

1900042_10152286187882008_1267495644_nChris provided a detailed plan for how to best sell our house, which we followed, and this helped us go through the selling process quickly and flawlessly. He is professional, easy to work with, and very trustworthy. He was always very upfront and honest throughout the process, even if the truth was difficult to hear. His knowledge, experience, professionalism and integrity make him an ideal person to work with.  

Chris Fish – Austin, Texas

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI contacted Chris in 2007 about representing our group on an investment flip house. We had never flipped a house before. Chris helped us find the right neighborhood in Barton Hills and the right house to flip. He clued us in on many money making strategies we would never have considered to increase and protect our bottom line. Chris was there for us every step of the way, sharing his experiences and helping us learn what should and should not be done when flipping a house for profit.  He calculated several different scenarios on what the fair market value of the house would be depending on what upgrades we performed. He took the time to evaluate every property for us like he was the one buying the house. Chris has an MBA and is shows, his real estate and finance knowledge is impressive! Upon project completion, we listed the house for sale with Chris and he quickly put it under contract at the price he predicted the house could sell for if we followed his flipping strategy (we were actually $2,000 higher). We were under contract to sell when the bottom fell out of the real estate market in 2008 and of course our Buyer backed out of the deal leaving us holding the bag. That was when we realized the true value of Chris’ experience and knowledge! While other flip homes were getting foreclosed on, Chris had put us in a great deal that actually cash flowed throughout the recession, an amazing feat! He had recommended we include worst case scenario plan as part of our overall strategy when we started the process but we had paid little attention to it, we were focused on how much $ we were going to make. But, Chris was looking out for us! Chris did this by running his own independent financial and rent analysis for a worst case scenario before he gave the green light on buying the property. Thank goodness for Chris, because the worst case scenario is exactly what the recession brought us. Because of Chris we managed to put extra money in our pocket every month we owned the property. Chris just sold the house for us for a handsome profit which could have been even higher if we had taken Chris’ advice on how to structure our financing in the beginning. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone thinking about buying or selling real estate in Austin, especially if you are doing a flip!    

Mathew Stevens – Vienna, Austria

10931302_10153034978664834_8242837147308196833_nChris was very good at identifying potential buyers and best pricing strategy based on similar sales and available properties. He negotiated a great price quickly! Within the housing market in Austin the availability of comparable properties changes very quickly, so staying abreast of developments and how well they are selling, especially the seasonal aspect of the sales market is something Chris is really good at. He does this full time and has been through a lot of swings in the market so he as a very good feel for the timing and pricing within specific neighborhoods all around Austin. I have recommended him already to a few friends and we all have found his deep knowledge of the Austin market to be the best so far. Experience matters in Real Estate and he can offer you a great deal of experience and success whether you are building, buying or selling.  Don't hesitate to talk with Chris.  

Becky Stathos – Austin, Texas

Chris is AWESOME!!! He has represented me on several real estate deals and has always gone above and beyond what Brokers normally do for clients. He is incredibly honest, knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional. His results are exemplary. I would recommend Chris to anyone thinking about buying or selling real estate in Austin.

Dr. Steve Elsbecker – Austin, Texas

I will never use anyone other than Chris when buying or selling my home. My wife and I just purchased our first home with Chris' help. From start to finish, Chris demonstrated a professional quality that can't be paralleled. We didn't really know what we wanted at first, but with his experience, Chris was able to identify what would work best for us. He then set up an easy to use search website that provided us with daily updates of new homes fitting our search criteria. When it came time to close, Chris helped us navigate the speed bumps that seem to be inevitable. Chris was always easy to get a hold of and he never seemed to be too busy to answer questions. Through the process, it really felt like a super knowledgeable friend was helping us out, not just a real estate broker. Use Chris if you want the best experience possible! Photo 2604 Century Park          GetMedia-4          GetMedia-10

Andrew Wasko – Austin, Texas

GreGetMedia-1at Agent!!! I have used Chris on two homes I have purchased in the last four years. Also, I have recommended Chris to my parents who purchased a home through Chris. Three separate other groups of people have used Chris from my recommendation that include my secretary at work who sold her home, and good friends.  I am about to use Chris again to purchase (third transaction for me) an investment property in the very near future. My recommendations come with weight but it is Chris' knowledge and expertise in the transaction, as well as his concern that the correct house for everyone's situation be chosen, versus the quickest and/or most expensive home that makes Chris the best! His ability to quickly look at a home onsite and see the pros/cons are amazing, and he is honestly a good guy with integrity. He knows his negotiation strategies as well.  He has saved me quite a bit of money multiple times.  As I tell everyone, "Chris rocks!  I Promise!!!"  

Kirsten Bymark – Austin, Texas

GetMediaAfter a few trial and errors with multiple real estate agents over the years, my husband and I couldn't seem to commit to moving because of the service that was being provided by other agents. But once we started shopping homes with Chris it became clear that this was something we had been wanting and ready to do. Not one realtor prior was as knowledgeable, understanding, patient and/or passionate about their field. Chris's 15+ years of experience has made this exciting yet stressful time of home buying so seamless. He went above and beyond GetMedia-4his job duties and ensured that every decision made thru this process was what was right for my husband, daughter and myself. We highly recommend him to anybody shopping for homes in Austin. Whether you are moving to Austin or a local resident, Chris knows this city inside and out and can provide highly educated details about this market's past, present and future. We couldn't be happier about choosing Chris Hightower as our agent and the home that he found for our family.    

Chris Gully – Austin, Texas

Photo 2604 Century Park*****Best Experience*****Five Stars***** My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Mr.GetMedia-1 Hightower to sell our first home last summer. He was responsive, professional, hard working, and most of all easy to work with. His knowledge of not only the Austin and surrounding area but real-estate as a whole was comprehensive and current to today's agile housing market. Our home sold for full asking price in three days.  I highly recommend Chris, and have referred him to others who have had the same positive experience. GetMedia

Jared Huke – Austin, Texas

Chris Hightower is a real powerhouse in this Austin Real estate market.  If you want a guide and counselor to help you navigate to successful ventures, he is my "goto" expert. You couldn't be in better hands.

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